The 5 Nuggets of Life to Follow: A Decent Life That is Worth Living By

We all want to have a healthy lifestyle , want to maintain our lifestyle better and keep along with the fashion , that’s not going to be achieved by just reading the lifestyle news or reading about the best lifestyle habits , but doing what we read in the lifestyle new and do what we read about the best lifestyle habits is the thing which will provide us with the best lifestyle and healthy one , lifestyle news are all around these days , but finding easy steps to making your lifestyle better is hard in all the things around these days . So, not like any other lifestyle news article, this is an article about the best lifestyle you could ever have with maintaining these healthy habits.  

  1. Eat Healthy  

Healthy food could change our lives dramatically , maintaining the habit of eating healthy could change our working time ,our thinking and even our emotions , according to nutritionists , Eating the right food could change the way you feel , for girls eating a lot of soy products could enhance the production of Estrogen in their bodies to make them feel happier and more active , which will make their emotional life better , and also make them work harder towards their dreams , and the other way around for men , eating good amount of protein and wheat germs and oats products could enhance their Testosterone , which will allow them to be happier , tougher and work harder , and in all aspects of life , if you’re eating healthy enough you could reduce the idea of getting sick , reduce the rate of diseases and keep your body smart, you’ll keep on working for straight hours without feeling tired , and also healthy food could let you think better by advancing the work of your brain , so eating healthy is the first habit that must be achieved in your life to have the best lifestyle .  

 2. Keep the fitness  

According to two thousand and eighteen lifestyle news, keeping yourself fit is a way to change your life upside down in a good way, which is playing sports or making exercises regularly on a weekly basis.  

Exercising could make you stronger, more active to achieve more work with better quality and better thinking methods. Exercising will also help you manage your day time, by specifying actual number of hours weekly in specific timings, that will allow you to plan a schedule for your life and enhance everything in your life.  

Exercising would enhance your brain efficiency and body efficiency to have the best lifestyle you could ever dream of and keep your life stable and successful.  

Exercising will get your self-confidence up to the skies, which will affect every aspect of your life, whether you’re a man or a girl, getting your confidence up will make your life extremely better.  

3. Maintain your weight  

Well , although keeping in regular exercises and eating healthy food would control a huge amount of your weight and keep your weight in better values , but it’s kind of not enough if it’s not done well , to keep your shape and body healthy you have to maintain the perfect weight , whether you eat healthy too much or don’t eat enough and still do exercises that will bring you to deficiency ,not having ideal weight affects human dramatically in his life so far , it has been proven in the world wide lifestyle news that not having ideal weight affects your mood even if you do exercises and eat , and also affects your day life , but the other way around if you have a good maintained ideal body weight , you’ll get your mood and day life better and enhanced.  

4. Stop Alcohols  

Stop Drinking Alcohols , After doing the three above steps , stop drinking alcohols , you surely can’t do it within a night , you have to take it step by step , which means if you drink average two liters of Alcoholics weekly , then it’s about one and a half cups a day , change the two liters to one and a half liter weekly , and keep going down and down until reaching about half of the amount you were on to , keep on this average to a certain limit , then start going down slowly to three quarters of a liter , and so on until reaching no alcoholics in your life , this method will take about three months of your life , but as the three months pass , you’ll notice great change in your life starting from your memory , proven facts about the best lifestyle that reducing alcohol will improve your memory cells and keep them alive for the highest amount of time of your life , also quitting alcohols will improve your digestive system dramatically through the first two weeks of stopping alcoholics , and in all directions of your life , stopping alcohols will advance your life to the next level.  

 5. No smoking  

The last habit you have to stop according to the best lifestyle news, you have to stop smoking, whether you’re a smoker or not, if you’re not a smoker you have to not even think of going in that direction, you have to fight yourself to not even try smoking, smoking destroys every inch of your body and reduces your heart strength and brain and could expose you to dangers of cancer, also it’s something to get addicted to. In the other way around if you’re a smoker, you have to quit smoking, it’s going to be in the same way of alcohols quitting but a little further for six months because quitting smoking is a little bit harder and it needs a strong will, after you stop smoking you won’t feel any anxiety, your brain cells will regenerate to let you have healthier lifestyle, thinking, body shape, digestion, and every aspect and direction of your body will be enhanced to a certain level.

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